The Mañanarama: send us YOUR procrastinatory paraphernalia

As part of the one-day conference, we hope to hold an exhibition of cultural artefacts of procrastination: a MAÑANARAMA, if you will. (We tip our hats to Dr Tracey Potts, currently a Visiting Scholar at OCLW and one of our plenary speakers, for this marvellous name.)

These exhibits will be out for perusal (Insha’Allah) at the post-conference drinks reception, to be held at Wolfson College.

The Isolator, a particularly hardcore anti-procrastination solution (via

‘The Isolator’, a particularly hardcore anti-procrastination solution from sci-fi pioneer Hugo Gernsback, July 1925 (via

If you have suggestions or would like your own artefact(s) of procrastination to be displayed, get in touch. These might include everything from doodles and lists to terrifying Isolator-style commitment devices. ‘Analogue’ objects are preferred, but we can display images too. The deadline for submission is 30 May, giving us a little time to learn how to get into a display case, though we’d love to receive items earlier.

So far we have the offer of the shoelaces with which a successful children’s author ties herself to her desk, Ulysses-style; the floral washing-up gloves with which one journalist defers his work; and a wonderful anti-smoking cartoon.

We also welcome research posters (samples here) for presentation over a glass of wine. Send an abstract, and we’ll talk.

The Isolator in action, via A Great Disorder

The Isolator in action, via A Great Disorder