Procrastination: Cultural Explorations
Wolfson College, Oxford
2 July 2014 



office-calendarThe schedule for 2 July has been confirmed as follows:



Keynote 1
Professor Avner Offer (Oxford)
‘When to Stop?’


Panel 1: Procrastination and Creativity
Dr Will May (Southampton)
‘Porlock’s Whim: Poetry as procrastination’

Alex Belsey (King’s College, London)
‘Angst, Apathy, and Indulgence in the Studio of Keith Vaughan’

Oliver Neto (Bristol)
‘“Preparatory to Anything Else”…: Joyce, boredom and creative procrastination’


11.30am-12 noon


Panel 2: Procrastination and Resistance

Dr Mrinalini Greedharry (Laurentian, Ontario)
‘Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Figuring procrastination as tactic’

Anna Della Subin (Independent)
‘Against Procrastination: Albert Cossery and the politics of laziness’





Parallel Sessions
Panel 3: Procrastination and Time
Johannes Schlegel (Potsdam)
‘Procrastination as Deceleration in Shakespeare’s The Tempest

Lilith Dornhuber de Bellesiles (UC Berkeley)
‘The Queer Art of Procrastination’

Rebecca Birrell (Oxford)
‘“Coming Soon”: Rachael Allen, Sam Riviere and a poetics of procrastination’


Panel 4: Procrastination and Place
Kamel Boudjemil (Sorbonne, Paris)
‘From Procrastination to Revolution: Guy Debord, the Situationists, and the last radical avant-garde’

Pelle Valentin Olsen (Oxford)
‘Idle Days in Baghdad: The emergence of bourgeois time and the coffee shop as a site of procrastination’

Susanne Bayerlipp (Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich)
‘Procrastinating Abroad: Exchanges of letters and moral discourse on academic travel in the age of Erasmus and after




Panel 5: Reflections on Self-Help
Dr Barbara Leckie (Carleton, Ontario)
‘Victorian Procrastination: Or, Middlemarch as a primer on procrastination in ten easy lessons’

Dr Susan Machum (St Thomas, New Brunswick)
‘Overcoming Procrastination: An examination of “how-to” advice embedded in work productivity literature’


5.15pm-6.15pm (The Haldane Room)

Keynote 2
Dr Tracey Potts (Nottingham)
‘Undoing the Maths: Notes toward a genealogy of procrastination’


Drinks, Cunctator Prize Presentation & Mañanarama Exhibition




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